7 Content Types That Gain the Most Engagement & Links

What type of content should you create?

Answering this question can, at times, be stupefyingly difficult.

The world of content today is crazy, with volume (literally) growing by the second.

The content opportunities are numerous – blogs, articles, ebooks, infographics, social media updates, to name a few. Which should you be doing first or next, and how do you create these content types most effectively?Fortunately, deciding which types of content to invest in is as simple as evaluating your company’s goals and knowing a little bit about what kinds of material will best support them. Why Invest in Content Today? First things first, why invest in content?The answer to this one is easy: because creating organic, brand-enriching content is the only way to get noticed online today.In a world where ad blockers make it exceedingly difficult to buy attention (83 percent of people today wish they could filter out obnoxious ads) and […]