Credibility Killers: Does Your Website Lack Curbside Appeal?

Michael Dillon Digital

My wife, who works as a real estate agent, uses a term to describe whether or not she feels a house will sell quickly or not: curbside appeal. No matter how good the neighborhood is, or how good the school district is, or even if the home is close to shopping and parks and other things people crave, if the curbside appeal of the home does not immediately grab your attention…forget it. Your home will not sell quickly. Whenever she takes on a new client, the first direction she gives to potential sellers is “make sure the front of the house sells itself.”

Websites have curbside appeal too; how well your site is done, and how accurate and current your information is presented, can tell much about your company. That is to say: the average potential customer looking to do business is very superficial; if your website is clean, organized and free from errors, they will most likely be drawn to it and may contact you for business. Have a website that looks out of date, riddled with old and inaccurate information and fuhgettaboutit; they will more than likely pass you right on by, even if your company is a well-run business juggernaut. Continue reading “Credibility Killers: Does Your Website Lack Curbside Appeal?”