26 Lessons From Social Media Marketing World 2017

Forget Paris, I love San Diego in the springtime. I particularly love the Social Media Marketing World event. It is a great chance to catch up with friends in the sunshine and to learn from the best experts in the field of social media marketing. I was furiously scribbling notes throughout the event and here are some of my top takeaways. 1. Facebook is the most important marketing platform Mike Stelzner revealed the results of Social Media Examiner’s latest survey of 5,000 marketers. Two thirds of marketers say Facebook is their most important platform although they acknowledge reach has declined. 2. LinkedIn is still key for B2B marketers The second most important platform in the SME study was LinkedIn. There are also signs that people are spending more time in their LinkedIn feed and sharing a lot more on LinkedIn. There are now 450m members on LinkedIn but importantly it is estimated there are 40m decision makers on the platform. See Susan Moeller’s post on LinkedIn trends that all marketers should be aware of. 3. Twitter is still a great connecting tool Whilst shares via Twitter appear to be in decline the platform remains a great tool for connecting people and driving traffic. Ian Anderson Grey said during his session that Twitter is still the main driver of traffic to his blog. Madalyn Sklar’s secret sauce for Twitter Madalyn Sklar also talked to the power of Twitter and how many of her influencer relationships originally started on Twitter. However, both Ian and Madalyn emphasised the importance of engagement on Twitter and not simply broadcasting. Madalyn focused on the power of Twitter chats as a way to connect and as a place to showcase your expertise and influence in a topic area. Participating in twitter chats allows you to: Connect […]