3 Ways to Re-Use Your Content Magnets to Dominate SERPs

A lead magnet is a piece of content aimed at motivating consumers to take an action. At the top of your conversion channels, lead magnets spur interest and tie a visitor to your brand but don’t necessarily drive a direct sale (e.g., provide contact information, sign up for a newsletter, join a free trial.) Creating a solid lead magnet is hard work: You invest hours of brainstorming and research, creation, and design. The good news is you should be able to further your investment by converting them into attractive assets on third-party sites, which in turn could strengthen your presence on search engine result pages for relevant keywords and queries. Here are three ways to turn your on-site lead magnets into digital assets for third-party sites. 1. Turn a PDF into a flip-book A downloadable e-book is a common and effective lead magnet. People love free e-books. If done […]