5 Vendors Explain What Makes Their Digital Marketing Hub Unique

Not all ducks — or digital marketing hubs — are identical. Leading analyst firms like segment vendors into various categories, from leaders to the also-rans. But is the top rated vendor necessarily the right vendor for you? In a recent Magic Quadrant on digital marketing hubs (DMH), for example, Gartner named four leaders: Adobe, Oracle, Salesforce and Marketo. Gartner said digital marketing hubs provide marketers and applications "with standardized access to audience data, content, workflow triggers and operational analytics to automate execution and optimization of multichannel campaigns, conversations, experiences and data collection across online and offline channels.” Those capabilities are often complementary to native applications within a marketing cloud or suite. “Extensibility through published services,” Gartner researchers added, “is a key benefit of this technology.” We decided to find out what’s under the hood of some of the vendors recognized in the Gartner digital marketing hubs report — and give company representatives an opportunity to explain why their company’s platform is the best to use. What makes your digital marketing hub unique? The Answers Cory Munchbach, VP, Marketing, BlueConic Cory Munchbach Munchbach oversees inbound, outbound and all other marketing and associated activities. Before joining BlueConic , she was an analyst on the customer insights practice at Forrester , covering the intersection of marketing strategy and technology and an expert in the marketing technology landscape. Tweet to Cory Munchbach . Gartner succinctly nailed what differentiates the BlueConic digital marketing hub, which is that our technology is a customer data platform (CDP) — and the only one so identified by the MQ’s authors in the report. According to the founder of the CDP Institute , a CDP is a “marketer-managed system that creates a persistent, unified customer database that is accessible to other systems.” There are parallels between a CDP and […]