5 Writing Principles That Will Make Your Content Go Viral

Cast the first stone in me, those of you unwilling to create viral content that gets well shared! And cast the second stone in me, those of you unwilling to create and publish content that gets well shared and… linked! Eric Enge at Stone Temple claims we still need links to enhance traffic. And in the world of content shock , we have to outdo ourselves for creating something truly magical that would bring those links and shares. In 2015, BuzzSumo analyzed one million posts and shocked us with the results: 50% of those posts got less than 8 shares, and 70% of them didn’t get links at all! Sounds not inspiring enough, huh ? This year, they teamed up with Majestic and conducted new research to identify content types with a high potential to go viral. That’s all very fine, but… With all those articles on the one-works-for-all […]