Agencies and Content Marketing: Predictions, Trends, and Challenges

Some 84% of marketing agencies say content will become more important to their clients over time, according to recent research from CopyPress . The report was based on data from a survey of 300 marketing professionals who work for agencies, brands, and/or themselves. More than half (54%) of respondents who work for agencies say their clients know nothing about content marketing. Just 5% say their clients are very knowledgeable about content marketing. Some 82% of agency marketers say they create 1-10 pieces of content, on average, for each of their clients each month. Some 92% of agencies say they produce blog posts for clients; Web copy is the next most popular content type (70% of agencies produce for clients), followed by interactive media/videos (45%), infographics (30%), and illustrations (16%). Agencies say their biggest content marketing challenges are understanding/meeting client expectations (33% cite it as an issue) and scaling up […]