Content Technologies: How to Realize the Promises and Avoid the Pitfalls

Content technologies. Can’t live with ’em; can’t live without ’em. How can marketers take advantage of the promises while avoiding the pitfalls – or at least tip the scales in favor of the promises? We recently put that question to the folks speaking at the Intelligent Content Conference March 28–30 in Las Vegas. One warning came up over and over: Don’t expect technology itself to solve your problems. As Marketoonist Tom Fishburne recently said , “Trying to make an organization ‘customer-centric’ through technology alone is relying on pixie dust.” You’ll find our speakers’ advice grouped under these headings: Don’t fall for the trap of technology as solution Use artificial intelligence to deepen your insights but not to replace them Safeguard the security and privacy of customer data Choose technology that you can use fully Hire people who can make the most of your systems – and the content put […]