Don’t Kill Your Audience’s Vibe with These Content Marketing Turn-Offs

As of 2017, the overwhelming majority ( 89% ) of B2B marketers use content marketing in some form. As you can imagine, how well marketers execute their campaigns varies quite a bit.

Or, as The Content Marketing Institute would put it, there are differences in “content marketing maturity levels.” As you can see, a fairly small number (28%) would be considered either mature or sophisticated.

The rest could definitely use some improvement, and there’s a lot of room for growth for many content marketers.

One thing I’ve noticed (especially when it comes to those new to the game) is that many brands engage in tactics that could be considered turn-offs.This doesn’t necessarily mean being unethical or using black-hat techniques.It means unknowingly using tactics that annoy site visitors and slowly but surely drive a wedge between the company and its audience.At best, this results in diminished engagement, a lower follower count, etc.At worst, […]