Here’s What 2016 Taught Us About Content Marketing and SEO

Good, bad or indifferent – 2016 is over. And while 2017 is well underway, I recommend content marketers take one good look back before they go. The past is the past, after all. And there’s plenty of lessons from 2016 that we can apply going forward. 1. We’re getting better at this. Good news first: The big story of content marketing in 2016 is that content marketers were considerably more effective than they were even one year earlier, with 62 percent of B2B content marketers and 63 percent of B2C content marketers report that they were “somewhat more successful” or “much more successful” than they were one year ago. Most content marketers report that they were more successful with their content marketing in 2016 than in prior years. This is clearly great news. It means we can canvas for larger budgets. It also means we can better balance between […]