High Traffic Does Not Equal Good Customer Experience

High website traffic is not necessarily a sign of a positive customer experience Just because a webpage is popular doesn’t mean that it’s useful. In fact, it could be getting in the way of a more useful page.

“We’ve recently decided to remove Basic rights at work, the most visited advice page on our website,” Hannah Horton from the UK’s Citizen Advice recently wrote. “It gets 70,000 visits a month and is in the top results for lots of queries about work problems on Google.”

If an organization was judging web success based on volume of traffic they would certainly not remove their most popular page. However, Citizen’s Advice does not measure success that way. It measures success based on how successful people are at solving problems.

The page wasn’t working. Firstly, the data told them that people were not searching for this page but were rather searching for much more specific […]