How NFL Players could challenge Fox News

Wiretapping Trump Tower. Fake News. The Press is the Enemy. Much of the rhetoric that makes its way onto the Twitter feed of Donald Trump comes from a single source: Fox News. It is the single and only outlet that will not only give him fodder for his Tweets to distract us from the important issues, but also provide him a medium for him to sell his radical programs and executive orders. Without it, he has no communication vehicle; if Fox News stopped providing him and outlet and content the rug would be pulled out from under his feet, communication-wise. So if we, the resistance to the Machiavellian President Trump, really want to affect change we need to start going after his mouthpiece, Fox News. Having them playing “fair and balanced” with their news and cutting off Trump from the distractions he throws out would force the White House to start addressing the real issues. It’s a tall order: Fox News, and its owner Rupert Murdoch are formidable; it’s going to take a lot more than just protest from people on Reddit to make them change their stripes. The resistance is going to need a powerful ally; fortunately, there is one waiting in the wings. The NFL. NFL games are a rainmaker for Fox; they make more money broadcasting these games than anything else: according to Ad Age , a commercial during an NFL game costs $689,225 per 30-second spot. This translates into $1.44 billion per season for Fox . Some of that money is most likely used to fund outlets like Fox News, which in turn uses its influence for power within the Republican party as their exclusive news outlet. The programs the Trump administration are imposing on America are often cited as being beneficial to the rich […]