The Content Marketing Brand Management Checklist

Brand management is a little bit like dental hygiene: Those who avoid it are going to end up with big problems that easily could’ve been avoided. Yet marketers who fail to comply with brand standards and legal safeguards risk losing more than just a tooth. These failures often cost content marketers their credibility and, in some cases, their jobs. Just ask the people who sexualized IHOP’s pancakes , told Bloomingdale’s shoppers to roofie their friends for the holiday season, and put the male symbol on the cover of The Washington Post’s magazine for a story about the 2017 Women’s March. Perhaps the most painful part of these marketing blunders is that it wouldn’t have taken much effort to prevent them. Shout out to The Washington Post Express who accidentally put the MALE symbol for the WOMAN’S march on their cover today Without an efficient governance system of necessary […]