Why Does User Intent Matter So Much to Your SEO?

Once upon a time, search engines were robotic, mechanical, and mathematical. However, Google’s algorithm standards have since become much more focused on what those searching for information really want. As such, user intent is the key to creating the content that enhances the relevance of your pages and improves your SEO. Neil Patel describes “user intent” as the goal someone has in mind when typing a query into Google. In some cases, the intent is to purchase something. For others, it’s to find information or make a connection with a company or an individual. Just as you wouldn’t develop a product without knowing who the user for that product is going to be, you shouldn’t develop online content without knowing how it can help people and whose goals it will help fulfill. What’s more, you’ll enjoy the added benefit of standing out as a brand that cares deeply about its customers and their needs. As you seek to better incorporate user intent into your content marketing strategy , these three tips can help. 1. Consider different types of user intent “A person’s goal when they search something online” seems like a simple definition, but it can take many forms. As you probably see when you evaluate your own digital searches, not all Google queries are created equal. In fact, intent can (and does) differ from person to person and time to time. Neil shares these three types of user intent in online search: Transactional : A person wants to buy something. Navigational : A person seeks for a specific resource, page, or site. Informational : A person wants additional information on a topic or answers to their questions. Tailoring content for one of these types is critical. How do you do this? It’s simple. First, you look at keywords […]