Why So Many Large Companies Stink at Innovation

Too many enterprises want it all: to be an established market leader, but with the buzz of a start-up Coca Cola recently closed its Founders start-up incubator , citing difficulties in combining start-ups and the corporation. No doubt a substantial investment to walk away from. But connecting innovation incubators, specialist R&D units and innovation teams into the wider workforce rarely meets with success. Such programs might have short term benefits, but it’s difficult to make them sustainable. Many a big business aspires to be an established market leader with the buzz of a start-up. Plenty of corporate vision statements proclaim innovation as a driving force in their business. Yet the innovation agenda remains aspirational rather than real. All too frequently it gets no further than a statement of intent. Even with significant investment, there is no guarantee the desired change will happen. What Separates the Disruptors from the Disruptees […]