8 Awesome Ways to Declutter Your Digital Marketing Life

Digital clutter is anything but Zen. It’s the problem every marketer has and nobody talks about. Easy to ignore, hard to see, but what is all the extra stuff and fluff really costing your digital marketing life in time, money, and resources? The number of messages, files, accounts, passwords, subscriptions, notifications, tools, and networks seem to be growing at supersonic speed. Yesterday’s bright and shiny must-haves are ready for the virtual museum of has-beens. There is no doubt: clutter in your digital space will have a negative impact on your mind, mood, and motion. Just take a look at these facts and read on: 80% of what we have, we will never use. The average professional spends six weeks a year looking for something we can’t find. We spend 30 hours a week checking email. People spend up to four hours a week preparing for meetings. The Zero Inbox […]