What Type of Content Marketing Gets the Most Social Shares?

With organic social content from brands reaching new lows in reach and effectiveness, content marketers must look elsewhere for mechanisms to drive views and downloads. Social sharing is key here, as recommendations from real people are more trustworthy than recommendations from brands , in most cases and circumstances. Thus, if a reader/viewer/listener likes the content enough to recommend it to their friends/followers in social media, the producer of that content has a heightened opportunity for exposure, often to a net-new audience. But what type of content is most likely to trigger that sharing behavior , and how does it vary by industry and social network? New content marketing research from ClearVoice answers those questions (and more). ClearVoice is software company with a nifty content marketing management platform and network of content creators. They are a Convince & Convert partner. What Type of Content Marketing Works Best? In their study, […]