Content Writing Tips: How to Write Copy for Landing Pages

by Jennifer Johnson February 21, 2017 Alexa, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, SEO To get users to take action on a landing page, you need compelling, action-oriented copy. The following content writing tips will help you create engaging copy that can initiate valuable conversions on website landing pages. Know Exactly Who You’re Talking To All other copywriting tips won’t improve your landing page if you skip this first step. To write compelling copy, you must first know exactly whom you are talking to. Define your target audience’s demographics and characteristics, so you are aware of their habits, what they want and need, and how they speak. Your copy will be much more focused, clear, and direct when you have one target audience in mind, rather than a largely undefined audience. To gain insight into who your current audience is, use Alexa’s Site Overview tool, which is part of Alexa’s Competitive […]