How to Do an Online Giveaway That Doesn’t Suck

Who doesn’t want something for free?

It’s a very enticing proposition.

Some of my best business-boosting hacks have taken place when I’ve offered something free.

I’ve given away free tools, free software, free headphones, free trips, free cash, and hundreds of free resources.Free is amazing.And hardly anyone will turn down a free gift, discount, etc. when it’s bestowed upon them with no strings attached. Research from Kontest proves that an online giveaway can have a profound impact on your marketing campaign.More specifically, they found that one-third of entrants will agree to receive information from brands and partners: On top of that, they found that new campaigns acquire a 34% audience increase on average: That’s pretty serious.But I’ll be honest. There’s a lot that goes into a successful online giveaway.There’s more to it than throwing something together, slapping up a prize, and expecting people to sign up in droves.It doesn’t work that way.The […]