Want to Scale Up Your Content Operations? 4 Things to Think Big About [Infographic]

Let’s say for some time you single-handedly make something that people love to consume: cinnamon buns, maybe, or content. You decide to go big with your operations and bring more bliss into the world. Boatloads of bliss. We’re talking content (or cinnamon buns) galore. We’re talking more than simply doing more of what you’re doing. We’re talking scaling up. You need to do more than throw more people at the situation. To handle increased complexity, you need updated processes, new strategies, and more automation. For example, in Automating Content Reuse: One Marketing Team’s Story , Jen Brass Jenkins tells the story of the content teams at the University of Utah Health Care system who are revamping the way they create, tag, distribute, and manage their content so they can reuse their content in smarter ways and get it in front of more readers. Boatloads of readers. Many marketers dream […]