Writing for the web: 8 must-read articles

You’ve determined what content you need, who is going to write it and when. Yay workflow! But now it’s actually time to write. For some this can be a breeze, for others more of a challenge, especially when you’re creating content that needs to suit both business needs and user goals. Add on top of that the brand style, authentic voice and tone and perhaps even SEO and translation requirements, and it can quickly become an intimidating and stressful task that gets pushed further down the to-do list. Panic not. We’ve published several articles with advice to help you write better content for your websites (and audience!). I’ve gathered 8 of those here and between them they cover SEO, micro-copy, UX, plain English, translations and more. There’s even a bonus article about proof reading your content once you get through the production stage. Getting started: How to write great […]